Dear Topline Users,

Announcing a new release of the TopLine Opportunity Portal on June 7th including new features to help you better manage your pipeline, forecast and overall sales efforts.

In addition to the several new enhancements and as part of our on-going effort to improve the overall system we are bringing higher performance. We are realesing the phase 1 of our performance optimization to make TopLine even faster and more robust to support our business and usage growth.



New Products introduction

Two new products have been added to the SOLIDWORKS product portfolio:

  • SOLIDWORKS MBD (short name: SW-MBD)
  • SW Industrial Designer (short name: SWID)

These new products are reflected on all tabs in the Opportunity portal, namely the Pipeline tabs and the Forecast tabs, as well as in the XLS Opportunity form and the Upload Center.

With these two new added products, a new 37 fields CSV import template has been created and is now available. In addition, you can find the new VAR Manual Instructions for Sending Opportunity Files on the Download Center.

Once your new import template ready feel free to contact your regional support for testing and ensure a smooth transition.

In an effort to improve data quality, we request that you begin using the most recent CSV import template (37 fields). You will benefit from the most recent CSV import template as it ensures all product lines are correctly reported and updated in your TopLine pipeline / forecast.

Siebel Marketing Lead ID

The "LEAD ID" is the Siebel Lead ID that comes along with each lead that SOLIDWORKS generates and sends to resellers. This corporate initiative will help better understand marketing campaigns effectiveness in an effort to generate higher quality of leads to ultimately support convertion to pipeline and revenue.

The lead ID field is now visible on “Update Opportunities” screens allowing users to see this information without having to click on each record. The lead ID field is found on the “Opportunities, “Cross Territory”, “Win-Loss” and “Conflicts” tabs.

Win Opportunities visibility

Based on feedback we received from many users we have decided to now consider WIN opportunities for future months to account as such, and to be reflected in the “Update Opportunities” as well as in the “Current Pipeline” and “Pipeline Gallery” tabs. Similarly, the future month Win opportunities are included in the seats forecast, considering that the forecast is up to current-2 month forward.

Pipeline Rankings

Again, based on the feedback received from many users we are introducing new fields in the Pipeline rankings tab. The “Ace Step”, “Close Date”, “Created Date” and “Last Updated Date” fields are added on “Pipeline Rankings” tab. These four fields are added under Pipeline> pipeline Rankings> Top Opportunities tab, giving the user a more comprehensive and detailed view of the top opportunities.


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